Had a Car Crash?

If you have had a car crash follow this checklist:-

1.    Call police and emergency services if people are injured.

2.    Exchange name and addresses, don't admit it's your fault.

3.    Exchange vehicle make and registration details, don't argue

      with the other driver.

4.    Record street names, location and time of accident.

5.    Call for a tow truck if your car is not able to be driven.

6.    Remember to take photos of the damage to the other car and your

      car at the accident scene.  

7.    Take a photo of where the accident happened, the surrounding

       area and the street names.

8.     If you have car insurance, send all details of the car accident  

       and car repair quotes to your insurance company.


Not Insured?

A.    Determine who is at fault in relation to the road law.

B.    Obtain a car repair quote for the damage to your car.

C.    You need to have your vehicle assessed by an independent

       Car Assessor.

D.    If you are at fault, you will need to have the other person's

       vehicle inspected and assessed by an Independent Car  




Loss Assessors and Adjusters (or the common terms of Car Assessor or Motor Vehicle Assessor) should be technically and professionally qualified in vehicle repair methods, the assessment of damage costs and valuation of vehicles of all types.  They should also to be able to consult, advise or to gather and collate evidence in order to conclude or recommend a course of action to resolve a matter.  


During the car assessment process the Assessor cannot and should not allow himself to be intimidated or influenced by any party in a way that may allow one party to gain in an unfair manner, but at the same time be mindful of all factors, rights and considerations of the parties involved.


If this has been helpful, but has raised more aspects and questions then please ring Australasian Associated Assessors

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Assessment inspections, damage examination and valuations can be arranged where the vehicle is located and followed with our comprehensive report on a timely basis.




Corolla 001 Bill's Cadilac Mercedes - post repair

Damage Assessment Report


Post Repair Inspection

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